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Sommer mountain experience

The Puez Geisler Odles Nature Park

The Puez-Geisler/Odles
Nature Park

A glorious sea of flowers, European
Woodchucks, and Golden Eagles soaring
in the skies above our beautiful Alpine
world… The history book of the Earth…

The Puez Odles Nature Park boasts an
area of approx. 10,200 hectares (almost
40 square miles). It encompasses the
communities of Abtei/Badia, Corvara,
Villnoess/Funes, St. Martin in Thurn/San
Martin de Tor, St. Ulrich/Ortisei, St.
Christina in Gröden/S. Cristina di Gardena,
and Wolkenstein in Gröde /Selva di Gardena.

The protective zone is bordered in the north by the Würzjoch / Passo della Erbe and in the south by the Grödner Joch / Passo Gardena.
In the east, the Nature Park extends to the Gröden/Gardena Valley (Kampill/Longiaru, Antermoia/Untermoj) and in the west to the Villnoesser Valley / Val di Funes and the Grödner Valley / Val Gardena.

Puez Odle nature parkNature Park Puez Odle

The Puez-Geisler / Puez Odles Nature Park can be regarded as the "showcase of the Dolomites," exhibiting as it does all of the geological formations, strata, erosional forms, and minerals typical of the region.

Hiking suggestion 1: Kampill in Gadertal (1,398 m) - Kreuzkofeljoch (2,340 m) -
Schlüterhütte (2,297 m) - Gömajoch (2,111 m) - Kampill in Gadertal (1,398 m)

From St. Martin in Thurn, situated in the Gader Valley, we reach the locality Kampill on an easily practicable road. Kampill (1,398 m) lies in a side valley of the river Gader. For our tour we choose trail n. 4 which leads up through pastures to the Sères farms (1,568 m) and on to Kreuzkofeljoch on the left (2,340 m). We stay on the left and follow the trail n. 4 to the pastures on the southern slope of Munt dla Crusc (2,300 m). We go on to Kreuzkofeljoch and then reach the refuge Schlüterhütte.
The second part of our tour leads us from Kreuzkofeljoch in northern direction towards Peitlerscharte (marking 4/35). At the first junction we turn right to the meadows of Munt dla Crusc. The trail leads up and down several times and leads back to the Sères rivulet and to the meadows of Cialnèur. We then go on to Gömajoch (2,111 m), from where we can see the hilltop of Peitlerkofel in the foreground. We finally descend back to Kampill in around an hour and a half.

Walking time:
5 1/2 hours
Difference in altitude:
900 - 1000 m


Hiking suggestion 2: Zanseralm (1,680 m) - Gampenalm (2,062 m) - Schlüterhüte (2,297 m) - Kreuzkofeljoch (2,340 m) - Kamm des Juàc (2,421 m) - Medalgesalm at the end of the Villnöß Valley (2,293 m) - Tschantschenon (1,928 m) - Zanseralm (1,680 m)

From St. Magdalena there is a road along the right side of the Villnöß rivulet to the car park of Zans (1,680 m above sea level). This is the starting point of our tour. From the car park we follow the Kaserill rivulet (marking 32) to the beginning of the trail n. 33 on the right, which leads to Gampenalm (2,062 m). We then walk to the refuge Schlüterhütte (2,297 m) and on to Kreuzkofeljoch (2,340 m). We continue our tour on trail n.3 which connects Peitlerscharte with the Puez group (marking 3/2). We ascend a debris slope to Kamm des Juàc (2,421 m), from where we can enjoy an amazing panorama. The trail then leads to Medalgesalm and to Kreuzjoch (2,293 m). From here we descend the steep trail to the Tschantschenon pastures (1,928 m), which takes around an hour. We continue our tour on the trail directed towards the entrance of the valley until we reach the junction of the forestal road Zanseralm-Gampenalm. Here we ascend the Adolf-Munkel trail, which leads upwards through forests and grasslands on the left side of the valley. We leave this trail at the junction to Glatschalm (1,902 m), situated under the northern faces of the Geisler group. From there we return to Zans on a steep trail across spruce and cembra pine forests.

Walking time: 5 1/2 hours
Difference in altitude:
600 - 700 m

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