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A summer of experiences: at the hiking hotel near Plan de Corones

Being outside in nature, breathing in the invigorating mountain air, and marvelling at the awe-inspiring scenery of the Dolomites. Is this the summer holiday you’ve always dreamt of? Our Hotel Pütia in Antermoia in Val Badia/Gadertal is the perfect base camp for outdoor enthusiasts, active holidaymakers, and adventure seekers. Let the beauty of the landscapes captivate you while hiking, push your limits during biking, or dare to try out some action-packed sports. The magnificent peaks of the Dolomites are sure to make you feel like you’re on cloud nine.

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Summer activities in your hiking hotel near Plan de Corones
Summer activities in your hiking hotel near Plan de Corones

Mountains to discover at your hiking hotel in the Dolomites

One step outside your hiking hotel near Plan de Corones/Kronplatz and you’re right in the middle of it: a majestic world made of mountains, adventures, and unforgettable memories. Whether you’re looking to explore the entirety of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage site, the breathtaking landscapes of the Puez-Odle/Geisler and Fanes-Sennes-Braies/Prags Nature Parks, or the magnificent surroundings of Mt Plan de Corones/Kronplatz with their natural wilderness and scenic trails – your hiking holiday with us promises to be unforgettable. Some of our favourites lead you from Hotel Pütia to the nearby Passo delle Erbe/Würzjoch pass, to the Prá de Pütia meadows, and Forcella de Lijun pass. If you’re fit and in the mood for more, keep on hiking to Mt Muro/Maurerberg or to the charming Laghi di Rina/Glittner Seen lakes. A particularly rewarding tour is the Mt Sasso Putia/Peitlerkofel circuit, which takes you around the impressive rock formation. And when hunger starts to creep in during your hike, you can stop by one of the many huts serving typical Ladin cuisine.

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Mountain biking

Get active on holiday, breathe in the fresh air, and experience the stunning mountain scenery up close on a mountain bike or road bike. Nowhere is it more beautiful than here at Hotel Pütia. From leisurely day tours for families to challenging mountain bike and downhill adventures – holidays in Val Badia/Gadertal are sure to make every biker’s heart beat faster. Experience the tranquillity of the mountain roads and take in the unspoilt beauty of the Dolomites valleys. When staying at our bike hotel near Mt Plan de Corones/Kronplatz, a new cycling adventure awaits you every day.


For experienced climbers and those aspiring to be, the Dolomites are considered one of the most fascinating climbing paradises in the world. Whether you’re a beginner looking for guided tours or a seasoned climber seeking challenging routes graded V+ and beyond, a climbing holiday in the scenic mountains surrounding our hotel in Val Badia/Gadertal promises the ideal athletic adventure for everyone. When climbing at the climbing garden at Passo delle Erbe/Würzjoch pass or one of the picturesque rock formations of the Pale Mountains, as the Dolomites are also know, unforgettable athletic thrills are guaranteed.

Nordic walking

If you enjoy staying in shape with Nordic walking, you’re going to love the surroundings of our hotel near Puez-Odle/Geisler Nature Park. The Nordic Walking Park in Val di Funes/Villnösser Tal, for example, awaits you with 100km of perfectly signposted trails with mesmerising views of the Odle/Geisler mountain group.

Action sports

If you’re looking to add some excitement and adrenaline to your holiday in the Dolomites, there are plenty of action-packed sports to choose from. You can go rafting through Valle Aurina/Ahrntal, soar through the skies while paragliding in the Dolomites, challenge yourself with high-ropes adventures at KronAction Outdoor & Fun Park, feel the rush of Europe’s longest zipline at Adrenaline X-Treme Adventures park, or have a blast with speedy mountain cart rides at Mt Plose.

Summer activities in your hiking hotel near Plan de Corones
Summer activities in your hiking hotel near Plan de Corones

Your hotel near Puez-Odle and Fanes-Senes-Braies Nature Parks

Set off directly from your hiking hotel in Val Badia/Gadertal, either on foot or by mountain bike, to explore the most beautiful and captivating natural landscapes of the Alps – in the Puez-Odle/Geisler and Fanes-Sennes-Braies/Prags Nature Parks as well as in the spectacular Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage site. Get ready to experience the natural beauty of South Tyrol during your getaway at Hotel Pütia.

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Puez-Odle/Geisler Nature Park

This nature park gets its name from the Puez and Odle/Geisler mountain groups, which impress with their nearly 11,000 hectares and average altitude of 2,500 metres. Visit the stunning home of mountain animals such as eagles, ibexes, and marmots during your holiday in the Dolomites. Or follow the “Zans” nature adventure trail to discover all sorts of fascinating details about the history, plants, and animals of the nature park. Take a stroll through spruce and larch forests or admire the colourful mountain meadows adorned with crocuses, spring cowbells, and pasque flowers. If you go even higher, you might come across gentian and edelweiss flowers.

Fanes-Sennes-Braies/Prags Nature Park

Exploring the vast spruce forests of the Fanes-Sennes-Braies/Prags Nature Park is an absolute must during your stay at our hiking hotel in the Dolomites. It’s one of the largest protected natural areas in South Tyrol and extends over more than 25,000 hectares, spanning from Valle di Braies/Pragsertal to Toblach and Alta Badia. It encompasses picturesque mountain meadows and serves as the habitat for pine martens, red foxes, capercaillies, and in the higher altitudes, snow hares and rock ptarmigans. One of the highlights in the Fanes-Sennes-Braies/Prags Nature Park is picturesque Lake Braies/Pragser Wildsee, perfect for leisurely boat rides and scenic walks. On the nature trails “Tru di lersc” and “Lago di Dobbiaco/Toblacher See”, you’ll learn fascinating details about the nature park and its inhabitants.

Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage

In 2009, UNESCO had solid reasons to declare the Dolomites a World Heritage site. The area within the southern Alps, where South Tyrol, Trentino, and Belluno meet, stands out with its distinctive white limestone. Geologist Déodat de Dolomieu bestowed upon the mountain range, commonly referred to as the “Pale Mountains”, its present name in the late 18th century. 250 million years ago, the Dolomites were algae and coral reefs at the bottom of a primordial sea. Today, they are home to a multitude of animal and plant species and serve as the setting for mystical legends and ancient Ladin traditions.

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